A lot of people want a musical episode...

Go fucking watch Glee.

Posted on Jul 18
I just wanted to say that your hierarchy of needs post is spot on. Sam comes first. I like destiel, but even I see that Sam always has and always will come first.

Thanks~ <3

Posted on Jul 17
1/2 Dean cares about Sam a hell of a lot I 'm not going to deny it but Cas is still a huge part of the show and doesn't deserve half the shit people say about him. Like signing petitions to get Misha off the show? That's a mans job and he does a damn good job of it. Dean loved Sam like a brother, a brother who has been through a lot with him but Cas has done so much for him that there is no way in hell (hehe) that Dean could not love him in some way. I ship destiel but is it going to happen?

2/2 probably not but Castiel is still his friends. I agree fans took it pretty far but what I’m trying to say is that it’s team free will now not just the bros. I personally think that’s super awesome! But yeah sorry uwu

Except that in my opinion, the last two seasons have done a piss poor job of handling their plots. The current plot with Heaven and the angels has absolutely nothing to do with the Winchesters. Besides being Castiel’s friends, it really has nothing to do with them… And they haven’t done much to contribute. Just like Cas not really being involved in what has been happening with Sam and Dean.. Supernatural is currently divided between two plots and they aren’t working for me. These little scenes showing Team Free Will interacting and discussing what’s going on doesn’t do shit, especially when they just turn around and go back to their separate corners.

And I don’t really feel like ranting about how Sam and Dean love each other like soulmates (not just brothers) and how, “been through a lot” doesn’t really cover even a fraction of what they’ve experienced together because then I’ll get rude.

Either way, Castiel is never going to have a place in my post about Dean’s hierarchy of needs and the people who can’t accept that need to just fuck off already.

Man I'm sorry about people's reactions to your 'hierarchy of needs' post. They need to realize that just because Dean cares about/needs Cas, it's not on the same level of his need for Sam, which is what your post is about. And why does this have to be about their ship? I don't see anyone pointing out how Bobby isn't on there, when he was one of the most important people in Dean's life (I understand why he isn't, just making a point). Dean loves his friends, but he will always put Sam first=canon