oh god, my sympathies about the physical. i'm a female and 4 years ago, when i went i was going away to boot camp, i had to have a full physical evaluation and they gave me a male doctor, despite my numerous requests for a female. and i was also a virgin, so it was uncomfortable as fuck and kinda traumatizing.

:S That would be terrible, I’m so sorry :(

Posted on Aug 19

Did you know that doctors check your junk during physicals after you turn 20?

I didn’t.


You're really cute omg like you should be a model

Thank you~ :)

Posted on Aug 12
I'm sorry to pry, let me know if I've exhausted your interest in talking about this. But do you have any ideas for pieces you'd like to make? I love to hear about them.

It’s okay :)

I’m awful in the sense that I tend to come up with a lot of ideas for artwork, but unfortunately lack the motivation/self-discipline to execute them. However, at the moment I’ve started some rough work on a self portrait series, which unfortunately obviously features a white dude, but I’m trying to talk about issues that don’t necessarily apply specifically to just white people or men.

For example, one of the paintings I’d like to do is about feminism, and how men are negatively influenced through stereotypes and the patriarchy. Such as how we’re not supposed to express emotion unless it’s anger or pride (but only if it’s something masculine), and how body image influences our self esteem as well as this ridiculous standard that we should all be alpha males and that being submissive is seen as weak/undesirable. I hope to do more research on this topic before I really get into this piece, but so far it’s been interesting reflecting on my own thoughts involving my own body image and how I feel about myself in regards to the images/expectations placed on me not only by myself but society.

Another piece in the series I’d like to do focuses primarily on the struggles of questioning your sexuality and how hard it can be accepting that you don’t fit the heterosexual norm that you’ve been exposed to your entire life. I’d like to comment on the psychological and emotional stress that accompanies realizing your different and not knowing how to deal with that, the denial you end up going through and the frustration at not being able to just flip a switch so you fit in and can function like everyone else.

And at the moment that’s it for the self portrait series, I had an idea to do a series of portraits featuring people who are members of minorities in order to make them the focus, as currently a lot of the figurative work I see is mostly attractive white people and I’d like to change that but that one has been put on hold until I can think about it a bit more and how I would like to approach how I represent each individual (research involving their culture, getting to know them, etc).

I’d like to do work that features the human figure in some way, which unfortunately is rather frowned upon at my school (when it comes to realism, which is what I enjoy), so hopefully I find some time to develop these ideas a bit further.

I understand your hesitancy. No doubt there would be victims of abuse and discrimination that would be offended. As an artist I'm sure you know that interpretation always leaves room for offence, especially if your art deals with such controversial topics. I simply thought I would speak for myself and say that I would rather see you communicating through your medium about such issues rather than staying silent. I for one, wouldn't be offended by your status in society. The message is important.

Thanks for your support, and definitely, remaining silent about these things is something I’d like to avoid because I really would like to make art that has meaning and a purpose, but I just don’t want to step on any toes or overstep any boundaries in my attempts to do so.

Posted on Aug 12
in your art, because that is still possible! I can imagine you could come up with some great artistic commentary on how you feel in regards to social abuses as a cis white male, and how that in itself is dangerous territory to confront. I suppose I'm just trying to say that I think opposition to abuse and discrimination is valid no matter who it's coming from and I would think it a shame if fear of ruffling feathers stopped you from inserting that into your art.

omg I’m sorry I didn’t know there was a part 2!!!

Thank you~ and yeah, I hope that by creating art about these issues will help steer people away from necessarily thinking I’m trying to take advantage of these problems for my own gain, but I would understand if people were still upset that a cis white dude is talking about these things when he really has no idea what it’s like.

As someone who falls under more than one of the categories you mentioned, I can say that I would never be offended by your confrontation of the issue by reason of your lack of personal experience with them. Insensitivity can be shown by those who have experienced these things as easily as by someone who hasn't; that isn't the issue. Regardless of your personal experience, you have a right to express your disagreement with social abuses. Also think about using your own personal perspective

I just don’t want people having the impression that by making artwork about these issues, I’m trying to make the problems about me (or that I’m trying to profit off their struggles). Which I feel like happens regardless because I’m the one making the art, I’ll be the one explaining my art, and in the end, it’s my interpretation/opinion that created it.

I’m just so torn because I want to help, I want to use the privilege I have to help bring more awareness to these issues, but I also don’t want to take any attention away from the people and artists who have experienced these things and are making art about it.

Posted on Aug 12