Do you attack cis women who also exhibit stereotypical feminine gender roles? Or is that reaction exclusively for the transgender individuals who happen to express themselves that way as well?


The reason females do stereotypical feminine things (such as wear makeup, shave, ect.) is because of the way females are raised. So no, I am not critical of traditionally feminine women. I try to encourage them to examine why they do these things, but when it comes right down to it, its the way we were socialized.

When trans women decide to do these things they are acting as if that’s all it means to be a women, a little makeup, some long hair, and a dress. When its not. Its the experiences women face growing up and throughout their entire life.


I love that Lara didn’t respond to this when she was the one who caused this argument in the first place.

Firstly, stop calling cis women ‘traditional women’. The word you’re looking for is cis, using the words traditional or genuine as a replacement is offensive.

Your belief that transgender people only do things that are stereotypical masculine/feminine because that’s all they think it will take is extremely ignorant. You’re ignoring the fact that pretty much all of these things are observed, whether you identify as male or female, so a large number of peoples perception of gender is based on the actions they see… Which happen to include wearing makeup, having longer hair, wearing feminine clothes, being muscular, expressing little emotion except for anger and pride, etc.

You’re also essentially attacking transgender people for using the gender binary society has created and enforced to find safety and comfort in a place that makes it extremely difficult to do so and can actually lead to them being attacked and killed if they don’t.

Saying transgender people lack the experience to be allowed to be stereotypically masculine or feminine is complete bullshit. How can you expect people to attain all this experience when it can take some YEARS to feel comfortable enough to even admit that they’re different to themselves? And secondly, experience isn’t required to express yourself however you damn well please, and demanding that they have the exact same experiences as a cis woman just to feel comfortable in their own skin is preposterous.

I can assure you that while trans women may lack some of the experiences a cis woman may have had while growing up in order to try and match this ideal for the “perfect woman,” trans women have plenty of their own experiences that entitle them to find safety and comfort in expressing themselves, regardless of if it parallels the gender binary created by society.

"She shouldn’t have taken them in the first place. Privacy isn’t a thing anymore."

Do you ever do online banking? Well you shouldn’t with that logic.

Fuck off with this ridiculous concept that people aren’t entitled to their privacy online and blaming the victims rather than the people who are ATTACKING them.

Feminists who say they aren’t for equality but ~liberation~ and then purposely use the wrong pronouns for someone and claim that transwomen aren’t genuine because some of them happen to exhibit stereotypical feminine traits.

You aren’t a feminist.

You’re an asshole.


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Most of you know who electricmonk333 is. She’s been a member of the SPN family for a long time and makes some amazing edits for us all.

Most of you also know the story of what happened to her just days after DCCon. If not, her post is here

Her family have put together a fundraiser for her. Here is a summary:

On May 7, 2014, Shaefali’s life was changed forever. She was visiting New Orleans with a friend, when she suddenly became very ill. She was rushed to the Tulane Medical Center and was diagnosed as having a rare condition known as Toxic Shock Syndrome triggered by the common strep A bacteria.

As a result of the pressors used to save her life, she lost blood flow to her extremities and gangrene set in. The doctors had to amputate part of her left arm, all the fingers save half a thumb on her right hand, and part of her legs.

Although Shaefali has health insurance, there are a lot of additional expenses, including the retrofit of her home to accommodate her injuries. Insurance covers only very basic prosthetics. Due to the extent of her injuries to every one of her extremities, more advanced prosthetics are necessary.

Helping Hands: Shaefali’s Prosthetics Fund


She has a 4 year old daughter I’d really like to help make sure she gets to hold again.

If you can’t afford to donate that’s fine, you could just go send her a lovely message. Please signal boost this if you would.


J-pad Portraits Supernatural Con in Vancouver, 2014. []

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