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I can see Jensen taking one of the impalas after the show ends and picking Jared up in it all the time and just patting him on the knee and saying, “Just like the good old days…”




If you hate female characters because they interrupt the possibility of your gay OTP becoming canon I’m gonna have to ask you to step away from the keyboard and get a fucking grip.

ok però tu puoi odiare tizio/tizia perché si mette in mezzo nella tua OTP…

il fatto è che non si tratta di realtà, ma di qualcosa che non esiste
e il problema è che stai facendo distinzione tra coppie omosessuali e coppie eterosessuali
voglio dire, nemmeno io vado ad odiare un personaggio femminile solo perché si intromette nella mia OTP, però c’è chi lo fa, e allora?
non è un problema tuo, il personaggio femminile non può sentirsi offeso, perché, ripetendo ciò che ho detto prima: non esiste.
capisco benissimo quello che vuoi dire, e in parte appoggio la tua idea, ma in questo caso avresti dovuto dire: “le persone che odiano dei personaggi (personaggi IN GENERALE, non necessariamente FEMMINE) solo perché si mettono in mezzo alle loro OTP non hanno senso”, in quel caso non me la sarei presa e ti avrei dato anche ragione!

scusa se parlo in italiano, ma quando devo esprimere un concetto così complesso non riesco a farlo in inglese T^T

My post focused on female characters and homosexual OTPs featuring two men because I was talking about the misogynistic tendencies within fandoms (primarily the Supernatural fandom) that fetishize white gay men (and make queer representation about attractive cis white gay men) while also attacking female characters simply because their presence creates a perceived threat of a romantic relationship forming. Rather than being upset that heteronormativity is still so common within the media and female characters are so often reduced to romantic interests or ways of creating emotional pain for the male characters, people attack the female characters for simply being present.

And yes, I realize they’re fictional characters, but the way people treat female characters speaks loudly about how they feel towards real women. When women are attacked for being a perceived threat to a relationship it encourages this idea that the affection and love of men is something women should be competing for, something that is necessary and required for a woman to feel whole, which is complete and utter bullshit.



If you hate female characters because they interrupt the possibility of your gay OTP becoming canon I’m gonna have to ask you to step away from the keyboard and get a fucking grip.

ok però tu puoi odiare tizio/tizia perché si mette in mezzo nella tua OTP het wow che cosa moLTO SENSATA E COERENTE.
ma andate a farvi un po’ di domande, state sempre lì a lamentarvi di tutto solo perché….???? BOH???? PERCHE’ VI VA?!?!??! 
io personalmente non odio i personaggi femminili per queste motivazioni, ma c’è chi lo fa e ne ha tutti i diritti.
se odio una cosa che nemmeno esiste a te che cazzo te ne frega?
piuttosto, preoccupati se il mio odio inizia ad essere nei tuoi confronti e sai che ti dico? inizia a preoccuparti
get a life

Now I realize Google is shit at translating stuff, but I’m getting a general feeling that you’re trying to defend those people.

Hating female characters because they interrupt the possibility of a romantic relationship forming between two men is fucking awful. Especially when it has been stated again and again that there is nothing romantic between those two male characters, and there never will be.

No one has the right to attack women (fictional or real) simply because their presence could be seen as a threat to a potential relationship.

Okay but I've noticed that you really only seem to give a shit about misogyny when it gives you a reason to bitch about only one particular set of shippers so you're pretty much exactly like the people you're talking about.

Okay, I guess based on the content of my blog it would seem that way and I apologize for that. The truth is, I don’t really talk about social issues outside the context of Supernatural on here, and I guess maybe I should stop doing that so I don’t seem like someone with an agenda, or someone who only brings up these issues when it will benefit me and my opinion. I talk about issues like misogyny, racism, homophobia, etc quite often offline but considering I’m essentially saying this online, I can’t really prove it in any other way than changing the actual content I post on my own blog to show that I do actually care about these things when they don’t always relate to my distaste for certain things within the Supernatural fandom.

I’m sorry, I’ll try to talk about these issues in a more general sense, without focusing exclusively on how it relates to Supernatural and the fandom.

So I saw a post earlier discussing the fact that they have Cas in a relationship with one of his SISTERS and how could the writers DO that and not think that the more conservative fans would accept Destiel. And how "Dean and Cas have been building this beautiful relationship for years and now they're throwing it away for Cas' SISTER the writers are going to hell" and I was so disgusted I had to leave tumblr for a few hours

I saw people complaining about that too and honestly, it kind of seems like they’re searching for reasons to dislike her (not surprising)? ‘Cause I seriously doubt any of the casual fans will really think about that…

Either way, it looks like it’s gonna happen and they’re just gonna have to deal with it.

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